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Vending machine business ideas 60 best and unique ways 

are you looking for vending machine business ideas? Vending machines have existed for a long time. In 1887, the first vending machine corporation was established in the United Kingdom. Japan is now regarded as the world leader in the number of machines. There, the percentage of trade conducted through vending machines approaches 60%, implying that each vending machine serves 20 people. Japan is followed by the United States and European countries, where there is one machine for every 40–100 persons, according to the most recent data.

Given the rapid advancement of the vending sector, it is not unexpected that the variety of commodities available inside vending machines is continually expanding. In our TOP, we have collected 60 unique vending machine ideas from around the world. They chose to eliminate just the most prevalent ones, such as gadgets for selling coffee and fizzy beverages, food, and jewelry. Vending machine ideas are broadly covered and pertain to different niches. So, let’s start with the most ordinary and work our way up to the wildest!

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1- Vending machine for electronic cigarette 

Vending machine business ideas

Electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity as a result of the trend toward a healthier lifestyle and the ban on smoking in public places. Given this, businesses opted to offer them via vending machines. There is no specific requirement for merchants, who must also pay a salary, to sell these things. Vending machine ideas are smart to turn into a profitable business.

2- Vending machine for Cotton candy


Cotton candy can be sold not just by a good-natured, rosy-cheeked uncle with an endearing grin but also by a vending machine. The procedure is completely automated: all you have to do is fill a particular container with sugar on time, add water, and clean it once a week. Previously available in other countries, similar gadgets are now available in Russia as well. These unique vending machine ideas are worth paying attention to, because turning these ideas into a business is a smart idea, as you don’t need any extra people to control the vending machine.

3- Vending machine for selling tie 

If a Japanese man is rushing to work or a business meeting and forgets his tie at home, he won’t have to wonder where he can get a new one for a long time. It is sufficient to locate the nearest “tie machine,” and the company’s reputation is preserved. Such devices are essential in circumstances where coffee has been spilled on a tie. Vending machine ideas could solve our daily problems in an easy way.

4- Ice machine: ice vending machine

In the heat of summer, who doesn’t enjoy a glass of icy, fizzy soda, an aromatic juice, or a mug of frothy beer? There are ice machines, particularly for individuals who wish to swiftly chill their drink. Ice is often served in cubes, and the water used to make it is purified to meet drinking water sanitation requirements. Vending machine ideas are literally implementable in providing seasonal products.

5- Banana vending machine 

This banana dispenser, discovered in Tokyo in 2010, sold five fresh bananas. Fruits are kept refrigerated inside to keep them cool while waiting for their consumers. Surprisingly, banana dispensers have long been tested on the ground in several countries. This could be counted as one of the unique vending machine ideas.

6- vending machine to sell books 

The industry is well-known but not as extensive as the vending business in newspapers and glossy magazines. So, what type of literature may be offered in vending machines, especially those found in train stations and subway stations? light detectives on the road, and maybe bestsellers. There isn’t much excellent fiction in the slot machines, and it’s not fully apparent how to read the annotations to the work; you certainly need a specific display with information.

7- Vending machine for rice 

Rice is Japan’s most popular product, and it would be weird if the Japanese did not offer it through vending machines. For example, this 24-hour vending machine offers rice in 10-kilogram sacks right away. And why take chances with universal love? Vending machine ideas could also be tailored to the traditional foods that have widespread popularity throughout the country, which could grab the attention of the citizens rapidly.

8- Board game Vending machine

Board games are unlikely to become outdated if the sale of DVDs through vending machines is no longer in demand. This was also determined by Japanese businesspeople who chose to trade board games via vending machines. Many well-known games, such as Monopoly, may be purchased from the machine.

9- Vending sale of children’s designer

LEGO may also be purchased via vending machines. Constructor: entertainment is highly popular, and the shelf life of such a commodity is not restricted. This branded machine, for example, was erected by the well-known brand at one of Munich’s train stations.

10- Automatic “All on the road”

This Berlin Mat Design Automat machine from Germany is ideal for folks who enjoy taking unplanned trips. It is placed on the grounds of train stations and offers accessories, shoes, clothing, and other items required for long journeys. Vending machine ideas are explained in a practical way, and we would prefer the reader to get some motivation and start selling products through vending machines.


11- Tapcomat

Slippers can sometimes be purchased from vending machines. In Sydney, for example, the Havanans brand became famous for their “tipper” in 2012. To assist clients in making their selection, footprints of various sizes were created on the floor. The American shoe retailer Old Navy launched another “tipper,” this time with beach sneakers. The business started a promotion in which anyone could receive free slippers in exchange for tweeting the device’s geographic address. According to the company’s strategy, the position of the machines varied on a daily basis.

12- Butcher’s machine

Mikel Izarzougaza, a family butcher from Spain, was a pioneer in the meat business. His family shop included a vending machine that sold various varieties of meat, deli meats, sausages, and sandwiches. Products are fed into the machine as they are sold, ensuring that they are constantly fresh. Shopping is offered in five languages, including Basque and Castilian. Vending machine ideas secure a vital rule when selling daily-based consumable products.

13- Furniture spare parts machine

Why not use a vending machine to sell furniture spare parts? especially if you are a world-famous chain with furnishings in practically every home. Everything is straightforward: the same spiral dispensing mechanism and the same look, with the exception of various fasteners, self-tapping screws, and trinkets on the shelves.

13- Cupcake vending machine

Who told you that vending machines could only sell perishable goods? This is entirely optional. The main goal is to stock the machine with strange items that will be whisked off the shelves before they go. In the United States, for example, the confectionery firm Sprinkles Cupcakes chose to produce cupcakes, which are miniature cakes formed from dough and filled with cream. To keep the items fresh, you must watch the machine on a regular basis; a passive business, as in the case of cupcakes, will not work. Vending machine ideas are smart way of earning money, but you need to check the machine in case of sensitive products that could not be preserved for longer periods.

14- French fries’ machine

Many businesses that follow the newest in the vending sector know that vending machines are actively learning fast food cookery. This French fry-selling machine debuted in Brussels in 2013. Potatoes just take one and a half minutes to cook. The client is given a 135-gram amount, their choice of sauce, a bag of salt, and a plastic fork. In Belgian culinary tradition, potatoes are cooked in beef fat.

15-Vending machine for selling bicycle parts

Auto parts vending machines first surfaced in Brooklyn, New York, in 2013. They labor around the clock to provide riders with the most basic necessities. Cyclists do not have to wait until the morning to buy a repair kit, a bicycle light, a new camera, or other items. When these machines first appeared, the cost of items varied from $5 to $30. This one stands out among unique vending machine ideas.

16- Machines for renting bike helmets

Another intriguing concept in this category is bicycle helmet rental. The first such units were reported to appear in reports from 2010 and 2013. Melbourne, Australia, and Boston, Massachusetts, are news heroes. In both situations, the helmet was rented, but Australian buyers could also purchase a permanent helmet.

17- Vending machine for umbrellas

An umbrella is essential everywhere. However, if it is suddenly unavailable, vending machines for its sale will come to the rescue. In 2011, the first of these gadgets debuted in the northern capital. Previously, “umbrella machines” were well-known in Japan and the United Kingdom. Vending machine ideas are real solutions for people.

18- Machines for forgetful parents

WeGoBabies machines are intended for parents who have forgotten to pack diapers, food, a pacifier, and other essentials for their infant. The machine’s assortment includes napkins, drinking glasses, toys, baby food, sunscreen, and other items. The firm places its gadgets at airports, amusement parks, museums, and retail locations. As we can see, the average spending on babies has increased dramatically in recent years, making this type of vending machine idea extremely simple to implement. Parents care for their children and try to provide as many facilities as possible.

19- Football vending machines

Vending machines selling footballs may be found in various parts of the world from time to time. This is hardly unexpected given that football is the most popular sport on the globe. The number of such units increases on the eve of or during major championships, particularly when a country hosts a World Cup or a regional championship. They are sometimes installed for various reasons. This machine, for example, is situated in a sports facility in New York, supposedly because competitors frequently lose their balls during field fights and want a speedy replacement. Unique vending machine ideas are generating higher profits when they are installed at the right place and at the right time.

20- Farm salad vending machine

Farmer’s Fridge’s vending machine has become well-known for its environmental friendliness and customer service. The harvest begins at 5 a.m., and by 10 a.m., the salad and snacks are packed in jars and placed in the window. All costs are automatically decreased by one dollar at 6 p.m. Lettuce jars are constructed of biodegradable plastic and may be recycled in a designated container.

21- Mashed potato dispenser

This gadget from the well-known Maggi brand can dispense ready-made mashed potatoes in cardboard cups. These devices were particularly popular in Singapore, where they were erected across the city-state. The gadget combines hot water and mashed potato powder in an instant. The mixture is then placed in a different container, thickened, and liberally poured with chicken or beef sauce.

22- Noodle machine

Leonard Kahn, a University of Chicago undergraduate, invented the Ramen-square to boil noodles. In fact, the idea came from the Japanese, but the Americans opted to build on it somewhat. The device’s secret is that students must provide their own noodles, and the machine will boil them for them. The gadget is desktop-sized and looks like a kitchen counter, making it perfect for placement in student residence halls. As students normally bring food to school, this idea is unique among vending machine ideas. a great opportunity for those who are interested in investing in fulfilling students’ needs.

23- Machines with comfy shoes

Isabella Fendt, a student from Munich, introduced the concept of introducing vending machines with comfy shoes at nightclubs. She often felt what it was like to dance in high heels and then come home after a disco. In Bavaria, the first machines with disposable ballet shoes debuted. Shoes come in a variety of sizes and, of course, colors to complement your evening attire. After-heels vending machines, which offer ballerina flats, have also been instituted in the United Kingdom.

24- Vending to sale medicines

This style of vending has long been popular in the United States. You must provide a prescription to the machine in order to obtain the required medicine. If we want to implement anything like this in our nation, we need to study the legislation numerous times because it changes on a regular basis.

25- First aid machine

This machine has bandages, rubber gloves, hydrocortisone wipes, and gauze compresses, as well as first aid for sunburn, wounds, blisters, and bee stings. Taylor Rosenthal, a 14-year-old American schoolboy, created the machine while working on a project for the School of Young Entrepreneurs. While playing for his high school baseball team, he discovered that it might be tough to get a standard Band-Aid nearby for small injuries. Even for 30 million dollars, the young man refused to sell his concept.

26- Zoom Vending Machine

Zoom shop machines and similar devices by various names are examples of automatic booths that may be found in the United States, Europe, and Japan today. Their selection is far broader than that of traditional vending machines, so you may buy everything from regular fizzy beverages to tablets in them.

27- Machine that makes you do physical exercises

This equipment is known as the Nike Fuel Box, and it promotes a healthy lifestyle. It was designed for users of the Nike Fuel Band fitness wristband, which allows you to earn points and fulfill goals by completing certain workouts. These points have evolved into a form of currency with which you can purchase branded clothing from the machine.

28- Bookcrossing machine

Dina Clark, the inventor of vending book crossing, created this machine. when you buy a book from a vending machine for $2 and then return it to the vending machine after reading it. The project was planned as a charitable endeavor, with a portion of the revenues from the machine’s labor going toward the construction of schools in Africa.

29-  Bibliomat: vending machine selling old literature

Stephen Fowler, the proprietor of the Canadian second-hand bookstore The Monkey’s Paw, designed this gadget. In order to locate the proprietors of ancient books, he devised a one-of-a-kind contraption, which included multiple pulleys, levers, and a phone call. To operate the machine, insert two dollars into the receiver, and the machine will choose a book at random from 50 copies.

30- Manicure Machine

Manicure vending machines were invented (guess where?) in Japan. In 2002, the first equipment was built there. Although the number of such devices has increased significantly throughout the world, not all clients can trust their nail care to machines. There is a deep affinity for a person in this field—a confirmed master.

31- Piccemat

Perhaps this is news to you, but pizza machines first emerged in 2009. Torghele has created the first machine capable of creating pizza from scratch. The machine in front of the consumer combines flour and water, kneads the dough, and adds the desired toppings. Pizza machines are being manufactured in numerous nations across the world. Vending machine ideas are far greater than forming a business from scratch, which is quite a difficult process and requires extensive capital to run.

32- Dirty water vending machine

A person may obtain a bottle of polluted water by entering a dollar into a Dirty Water machine and selecting one of the flavors (malaria, cholera, typhoid, and so on). Did you believe it? Of course, this is not the case. In such an unconventional method, UNICEF chose to attract New Yorkers’ attention to the problem of a shortage of safe water for children in impoverished African nations. The donation machine said, “It just takes $1 to supply a kid with clean drinking water for 40 days.” Vending machine ideas also work in the fundraising and humanitarian sectors.

33- Gun Vending Machine

If it operated for real, this machine would undoubtedly be considered one of the most innovative instances of vending. The joke is that you can put money into the machine, but it will not produce a weapon. As a result, the South African Union Gun Control Alliance agreed to encourage residents to minimize the number of weapons in their possession. The machines were placed in shopping malls and on college campuses, and all of the money collected by the people was donated to the union’s treasury.

34- Burrito-making vending machine

Burritos may be made using the Burrito Box machine, which was created for Mexican cuisine aficionados. It first debuted in Beverly Hills, California, where it was made from the eggs of “free” laying chickens who had never been imprisoned in poultry farms. The whole cooking time is only 60 seconds.

35- Baguette vending machine

The French baker Jean-Louis Esch of Moselle built a street vending machine capable of selling hot bread. Up to 120 semi-finished goods can be stored in the machine’s refrigerator at the same time and baked in an average of 10 seconds apiece. The Frenchman even got the President of France’s Grand Prix for his creation. Bread is widely used in the world, so considering this idea from the list of vending machine ideas will hopefully turn into a green business.

36- Bra and underwear vending machine

In 2013, he debuted in Japan at the Une NaNa Cool brand store in Tokyo’s Shibuya retail area. The machine’s operating concept is straightforward. Customers just enter their size on the computerized scoreboard and pay a charge to acquire a bra. Vending machine ideas magic comes in place when you turn them into a business in a smart way.

37- Meowcomat

Vending machines in Poland Miaukomat promotes cat food. However, in order to receive a free sample, a person must meow loudly and plaintively into the speaker, following which the device will provide him with cat food. Similar devices were shown in various retail malls, attracting greater interest from customers with children.

38- Graphomat: Spray Vending Machine

Graffiti paint cans are sold via the Graffomat vending machine. Such devices first appeared in Europe and America a few years ago. very useful if you’re painting walls at 3 a.m. and you run out of paint. The concept is divisive; many people believe that such devices foster hooliganism. However, if they were erected near dreary and dull industrial zones and abandoned neighborhoods rather than in the city center adjacent to historical structures, few would react significantly.

39- Animal feed fish vending machine

In 2010, Japan’s Tobe Zoo constructed the world’s first fish vending machine for animal feed. As a result, the management decided to deal with visitors who defy pleas not to feed animals by providing fast food and other dangerous things.

40- Soap dispensers

Several soap, rinse, and liquid powder dispenser selling machines have been placed in Spanish supermarkets. The local factory cut its prices for water consumption, plastic, and cardboard manufacturing multiple times, and consumers were able to decrease their orders and save greatly. These types of vending machine ideas are widely implemented as the consumption of soap and liquid powder is carried out at every home.

41- A machine that lets you win a drink for doing a virtual trick.

This Pepsi vending machine was built as part of a World Cup advertising effort, and it allowed you to win a bottle of drink by doing simulated stunts. For example, you may be required to retain a virtual ball on your foot for 30 seconds while completing other difficulties. Special motion sensors monitor stunts. These vending machine ideas are practically profitable in the United States because there are lots of events similar to this.

42- Toilet paper vending machine

Toilet paper dispensers are often found in public toilets in Japan. You only need to share your trifle with the device to obtain the prized item. an intriguing concept that will almost surely be welcomed by individuals who have found themselves in emergency situations owing to a lack of paper. 

43- Pancake vending machine

This household unit known as “Blindozer” is capable of cooking pancakes in the buyer’s presence. Furthermore, pancakes are made with fillings that may be placed in the machine in up to 30 distinct varieties. The client’s order is completed in 2.5 minutes. Furthermore, the system is unusual in that it can check the expiration date and switch off the supply of missing items on its own.

44- Automatic machine with a person inside

This machine is more of a marketing trick than a business concept. Nestle once put humans in its machines in London to promote brand loyalty. Human vending machines are machines that converse with humans. When purchasing chocolate bars, the “live” machine converses with the customer, hands over the transaction in person, and suggests which sweets to select. Furthermore, such a machine is incredibly courteous and will never refuse to deliver change.

45- Christmas machine

Another illustration from the same series The “walking” Muji Christmas Machine, which emerges every Christmas on Barcelona’s major thoroughfare Inside the machine is a salesman dressed as Santa Claus, offering locals the opportunity to purchase Christmas mementos.

46- Scooter vending sales

Wang Yixing, a Chinese inventor, devised a method to store hundreds of scooters in a vending machine. Instead of designing a new, cumbersome apparatus to handle scooter distribution, she chose to design the scooters themselves. Wang Yixing designed them to be foldable. As a consequence, the machine produces a flask for the consumer that is 50 cm long and 6.5 cm in diameter

47- Vending machine for fish broth

When the first Nitanda vending machines arrived in Japan, there were lines of people waiting to buy them, and one machine could sell up to 200 bottles every day. In fact, Katsuo Dashi fish broth is a common element in many Japanese recipes. It is used to make soups, sauces, and major courses. Flying fish broths are the most costly broths available from these devices. Kelp is the least expensive.

48- Seed bomb vending machine

In the United States, vending machines offer seed bombs, which are plant seeds molded into balls with compost and clay. Seed bombs are a popular item among green thumbs and inexperienced gardeners. They are typically put in regions that are barren of vegetation or to replenish lost forest cover. Seed bombs are popular among gardeners because they do not require holes or seedlings. Vending machine ideas are broadly used and tailored to specific situations. Furthermore, putting weeds in a neighbor’s garden without invading private property is a handy method to upset him. 

49- Machine for the exchange of things

Lina Fenkito, a designer from Brooklyn, created this gadget in 2012. Unlike other vending machines, Swap-O-Matic allows you to get rid of an unneeded item or obtain an essential one for free. That is, it is a vending machine. To use the machine, you must first register an account and earn points, which you may spend or earn by leaving items in the machine.

50-  Airport poster printing machine

Thibaut Bruna and Olvier Jansen of the Netherlands found that individuals use homemade posters and streamers to meet others at airports, typically utilizing even sheets. They then decided to build a specific machine for producing posters quickly. Airports in the Netherlands, Belgium, England, and Canada now have similar equipment. To make a poster, first choose or upload a backdrop, then decide the size, print the text, embellish it, and pay between 10 and 20 euros, depending on the size of the poster.

51- Jeansomat

A German business thought that buying jeans should be as straightforward as buying chips or chocolate. Following that, “jeansomats” debuted in Italy, which operated on the same basis as traditional vending machines. The first such machine was installed at the Florence airport for tourists who did not have time to stop by a clothing store before departing. The primary downside of this notion is that you must know your precise size because the machine does not accept returns. These sorts of vending machine ideas could change people’s lives just because there is extensive demand for such things.

52- Restaurant served by Vending machines

In Amsterdam, vending machines provide consumers with a diverse menu equivalent to that of an entire restaurant. The menu focuses on ready-made, quick cuisine that simply has to be cooked. The FEBO network is an autonomous fast food network based on the notion of a “wall of cells” linked by a single payment mechanism. Such devices have been in use in Holland for over 70 years.

53- Instant Key Making Machine

Automatons have long been used in the production of duplicate keys in the United States. Simply insert the original key to scan, choose the key design, and wait for the shape to be cut. An ordinary replica will be less expensive. If you request a “printed” key, such as one painted in the colors of your favorite team or national flag, the production cost will be more.

54- Vending machine for black caviar and delicacies

This is one of the well-known slot machines that was put in Los Angeles’ affluent Beverly Hills neighborhood. These vending machines sell hundreds of different types of black caviar, as well as other delicacies such as snails and truffles. All of this is served with mother-of-pearl spoons. The prices in the machine match the machine’s pathos. In 2013, for example, a customer had to pay $500 for one ounce of beluga caviar.

55- Machine for feeding stray animals

This Turkish machine is far from a “soulless machine.” You may use it to accomplish good things. specifically to feed the homeless animals. Furthermore, you must drop the used plastic bottle into the machine to activate the feed-pouring mechanism. Because the cost of the gathered containers exceeds the cost of feed, the firm that invented the machine was able to create both a charitable event and a commercial business.

56-Stress Relief Machine

The contraption was created by designers Yarisa and Kublitz and is known as the Passive Aggressive Anger Release Machine. This is the only technology in our ranking that allows you to destroy something rather than receive or trade it. If your boss catches you, for example, you may put money in a bill acceptor and break a vase or a porcelain figure while smiling.

57- Sleep Vending Machine

SleepBox is the development of the Russian company Arch Group. These are devices that allow you to… go inside and charge your phone! The “Slipbox” is barely 3.75 meters long. Inside, there is a bed, a laptop table, a mirror, a TV, and many laptop chargers. Airports, railway stations, and hostels greatly benefit from these private areas. There are single and double machines for sale. Time of usage—15 minutes or longer

58- Live worm vending machine

Selling live bait through a vending machine is a frequent practice among business people in the United States and Europe. This type of vending is popular among fishermen. Interestingly, there are other trials in Russia, such as in the Kaliningrad area, where they were among the first to guess the trade in worms. The most important thing to remember is not to mistake maggots or bloodworms for human food.

59-Car vending machine

Carvana in Nashville, Tennessee, opted to entirely automate this procedure in order to increase automobile sales. Customers may pick up new automobiles from a 5-story vending machine! The structure is totally automated and operates on the same principles as a traditional coffee machine. After inserting a particular coin into the receiving slot, the buyer begins the issuance procedure with the aid of mechanical manipulators. We have listed unique vending machine ideas that could benefit the owner and user at the same time.

60- Vending machine for luxury cars and renting yachts and mansions

Miami Beach boasts one of the most bizarre and arrogant vending machines, where you can buy anything from a yacht to a beautiful estate, from a Bently automobile to a BMW motorbike. The maximum amount per purchase is one million dollars. Of course, instead of all of these great items, the machine gives out vouchers that can be traded for cash.

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