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How To Get Your Business on Waze : 2 easy ways

How do you get your business on Waze? Even though Google Maps may be the most well-known mapping tool, there are other options available. Waze is a popular community-driven navigation app used by millions of users. In fact, the US alone has almost 50 million users.

These consumers use Waze to get around and rely on it. They then utilize the app to find nearby companies. The app specializes in providing motivated audiences with hyperlocal advertising.

Because you manage local SEO for your clients, you are aware of the significance of mapping applications. You’re definitely curious about the Waze business addition process. We tried our best to cover all the essential aspects of how to get your business on Waze. There are lots of business people who have this question in the back of their minds:

Why add business to waze


Why should you make sure to add business to Waze?

As previously said, Waze is a mapping application with millions of users worldwide. Because it is based on user-submitted data, it is distinctive. With this data, it can deliver real-time updates on traffic, accidents, and construction. Additionally, it can offer advice on the best routes to take.

The app gives small-town entrepreneurs another channel to connect with potential clients. For instance, Waze users can search for a café or restaurant while traveling. 

There are two ways to add a company on Waze.

Getting your clients’ companies listed on Waze is a wise step because people can’t go to a store they don’t know is there. What is the procedure for adding a company to Waze?

To add business to Waze, there are two primary steps.

  1. by using the Waze app
  2. Using The Waze Map Editor 

Both techniques will be covered using the Waze Map Editor (WME). We advise first-time users to download the app because it is a little bit simpler to use. Using the WME, however, gives you additional advantages if you desire more control. We strive hard to give an answer to how to get your business on Waze.

1- Use the app to add a company to Waze.

Make sure the app for Android or iOS has been downloaded and installed before continuing. Open the app and log in after that. Tap the “Reports” menu after that. By doing so, a screen where you can update the app with data appears.

Since Waze is based on user-submitted information, there are many possibilities. Road closures, collisions, and other events can be added. However, you need to choose “Place” to add a company. 

Your phone’s camera will launch when you choose “Place.” Waze wants you to snap a photo of a location to confirm it is a real business. Being on location with your customer makes this simple; just go outdoors and hit the shutter symbol to take a photo.

What happens if you’re not at the client’s location? You might be curious as to whether you can submit the image they supplied. Tragically, the answer is no. However, you may work around this problem by using the WME.

The two right-facing arrows that appear in lieu of the shutter symbol can be clicked if you are satisfied with the image of the company.

The site needs to be given a name next. Type the business name when adding a company. Since Waze also enables users to submit residential addresses, make sure you categorize it as a business.

The last step is to include some information about your client’s company. These consist of:

  • Place of residence 
  • Door number 
  • Business Industry

It’s crucial to choose accurate business categories. This data is used by the app to classify the establishment, ensuring that individuals seeking “cafés” discover actual cafés rather than dental offices. Determine which business category is most important.

Lastly, you’ll verify the company’s precise position on the map.

I’m done now! Users may now locate your client’s company on Waze thanks to its listing. Keep reading this article to learn how to get your business on Waze.

2- Using the Waze Map Editor, add a company.


It’s easy to add a company via the app to Waze. Although using the Waze Map Editor is more difficult, you have greater control over the company information.

Not just a smartphone or tablet, but any device may add a company utilizing the WME. You now have the choice to upload photos that clients have supplied you. Using the WME is the best choice if you are adding a business on behalf of a client who is located elsewhere.

You should go to to get started. Remember that at the time of writing, the WME only supported the Chrome browser.

The WME is also accessible from the Waze home page. In the upper right corner of the screen, click “Login.” Next, select “Live Map.” Then choose “EDIT THE MAP.” You’ll be sent to the WME splash screen to log in once more. Lots of business people want to know how to get your business on Waze for increased business value and higher profits.

When you go to the WME, click the gear symbol in the upper-left corner of the screen. You can choose infrastructure from one of four server locations as a result:

  • US 
  • Canada
  • Israel 
  • World

You’re ready to add a point once you’ve chosen your server.

building a point

Now you need to make a “point,” as the name suggests (formerly called a “point of interest“). The place where you wish to add the point should be clicked.

You must input the following information:

  • City 
  • street name
  • Direction 
  • Level

Click “Save” once you have finished filling out the details.

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Edit a current point

Not every situation necessitates the addition of a new point to the map. There may already be a building or place of business. You can modify the information if that is the case.

Select the on-screen object by clicking it. Following that, you may change its position, its attributes, or even its shape.

Not every situation necessitates the addition of a new point to the map. There may already be a building or place of business. You can modify the information if that is the case.

Select the on-screen object by clicking it. Following that, you may change its position, its attributes, or even its shape. The strategic value of knowing how to get your business on Waze is that it helps the businesses grab the attention of potential clients while they are in a place where the businesses operate.

Set up a permalink

You’ll establish a permalink once you’ve changed an existing item or made a new one. To accomplish this, click on the Permalink symbol. Other users can reach that particular map place thanks to the permalink.

Make sure you’ve zoomed in and panned out the map to show precisely what you want it to show before setting the permalink. The URL contains information about the item selection, latitude, and longitude. In other words, if it’s precise, it will lead them right to your client’s place of business. The URL won’t be as helpful if the area on your map is incorrect. This is the sensitive part of how to get your business on Waze; many businesses that selected the wrong map for their businesses couldn’t benefit from Waze.

Remarks on changing the Waze map


Waze relies on user-submitted information, so the data may be inaccurate. Waze has a few protections in place to stop users from entering fake or incorrect information. Levels in editing come first. There are many “levels” for the map editor, although anyone may alter the map. Level 1 editors are required to check their work, as are level 2 editors and up.

The map has received more contributions from higher-level editors. Waze requests confirmation of information from more recent editors since they are regarded as reliable.

If all you’re doing is adding a client’s company and all your information is accurate, there shouldn’t be any problems. You should read the Waze Editing Manual and Editing Best Practices since the WME offers additional editing possibilities. Thus, you can avoid having your editing privileges suspended.

Waze further requests that you visit the location within 90 days of adding it to the map. Helping a customer set up their business on Waze might be a terrific idea if you need to schedule an in-person meeting with them.

If you haven’t visited and don’t have any intentions to, you might wish to use a video conference to take the customer through the procedure.

Finally, keep in mind that copyrighted external sources are not permitted on Waze. A  photograph that a client has taken and given can be uploaded. You cannot post pictures that someone else has shot, such as a picture of your client’s grand opening taken by a newspaper reporter. You need to be very careful when it comes to the sensitive parts of getting your business on waze.

Advantages of adding a company to Waze


A company’s visibility is increased by having a Waze listing. After all, each local company on the app has the potential to receive millions of views in a single month.

Some folks might phone the establishment ahead of time to confirm the hours of operation. If they are looking for a certain pair of running shoes, they may also inquire about the supply. if they chance to pass the store en route to or from work? Good thing people enjoy convenience.

In a world where consumers use mapping applications to research local companies, local SEO is essential (Search Engine Journal). Waze business additions can improve local SEO since they provide search engines more information. We have covered all the parts of how to get your business on Waze. Good luck with adding your business to Waze. It is the journey towards getting the attention of more people to your business.

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