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Top unique cleaning business ideas with a business plan

Unique cleaning business ideas: Each of us has concepts for how to launch a business. Our old jobs or interests are frequently the inspiration for new company ventures. However, there is another kind of business that, while not everyone may like it, can bring in customers and money: the entrepreneur. Today, rather than just talking about how to start a cleaning business, we’ll talk about some unique cleaning business ideas.

Cleaning is a specialized service used to keep a variety of locations clean.

This industry is expanding quickly, even in Europe and the USA, where cleaning services have a well-established market (approximately 80% of commercial real estate is handled by cleaning businesses). According to the American business magazine Entrepreneur, 17 cleaning companies rank among the top 500 franchises and are all seeing tremendous growth. Read this article till the end to have a comprehensive understanding of unique cleaning business ideas, and don’t forget that we have also provided a cleaning company business plan that helps the readers to broadly understand the cost of executing one of the unique cleaning business ideas. 

1- Future market of cleaning companies

cleaning business ideas

The market for services like cleaning will indeed expand in the upcoming years.

  • First, large corporations are attempting to isolate such activities from their primary business.
  • Second, as new businesses, office buildings, and business centers emerge, so will the demand for cleaning services.

There are no accurate predictions of cleaning company turnover; however, it is expected that the overall cleaning outsourcing market will rise by around 35% over the next three years. According to the facts regarding the expansion of the market in this industry, it’s better to conceive and put an effort into investing in one or more of the unique cleaning business ideas which promise a higher return on investment.

2- Key points for this business’s success

  • Low Competition: There are only small enterprises or “private traders” operating in this sector, even in big cities, with whom one can successfully compete. It is very likely that the market will be free in cities with a population of under 500 thousand.
  • Demand: There is a rich audience in every city who does not desire or have the opportunity to clean their homes on their own. Even individuals who clean their own homes request extra services like dry cleaning for their carpets and mattresses.
  • High MRR: (Monthly Recurring Revenue). Every day or every two weeks, a person needs cleaning. A high average check along with the client’s repeated orders will result in an increase in MRR if you offer high-quality services. A high MRR also makes it possible to forecast and keep tabs on an enterprise’s profitability in the future in addition to providing a steady monthly revenue.

Based on the competition level and the extensive demand for such services, why not conduct tiny market research to find a suitable gap and execute one of the unique cleaning business ideas? We try to make it as easier as possible for an instance, we have provided a cleaning company business plan.

3- Benefits of starting a cleaning company

unique cleaning business ideas

The business owner has no intention of using his staff’s potential to clean the office.

As a result, you should not assign additional tasks to the employee, such as cleaning personal spaces. And no, we don’t mean general “cleaning” the table but rather dusting, throwing out the trash, cleaning windows, vacuuming, and mopping floors. This job is best left to the professionals.

  • Professionals will clean much better

A clean office is always favorable for work. A good cleaning company will take care of everything from A to Z, and not a single cobweb or bit of dirt on the windowsills will go unnoticed.

  • Cleaning is not as expensive as it seems

When you hire a cleaning company, you must consider the costs. But are they really that high? Outsourcing cleaning services are usually cheaper than hiring a cleaner. 

  • Choice of certain services

Maybe you don’t need daily cleaning? Your office may be visited from time to time (for example, once a week or once a month) or appear only when you yourself wish it.

  • The cleaning company works invisibly

Few cleaning companies tailor cleaning times to suit their clients. Office cleaning takes place according to the agreed-upon hours with the employees, usually in the morning or evening. Cleaning business ideas execution in the form of the company offer great flexibility and work-life balance to the employees.

4- How to start a cleaning business?

cleaning company business plan

Choosing the size of the future company What size are they? Cleaning companies can be divided into small, medium, and large enterprises. The offerings of cleaning companies are diverse.

  • cleaning of supermarkets, shops, halls, and warehouses;
  • office cleaning;
  • cleaning of houses and apartments;
  • cleaning of non-residential premises, stairs, and garage halls;
  • carpet cleaning, carpet washing;
  • cleaning after repair, built-in and even high-pressure washing (eg paving stones, tiles, construction equipment, halls);
  • garden and greenery cleaning;
  • snow removal;
  • cleaning and polymerization of the floor;
  • cleaning up after events.

In addition, most companies and government agencies decide to arrange to outsource cleaning (without caring about salaries, supervision, materials, or detergents needed for cleaning) rather than hire a full-time cleaner. The potential of earning great profits rises as both private and government agencies prefer hiring contractors for completing cleaning projects. There is a great opportunity for business-minded people to take one of the listed unique cleaning business ideas and form a company. 

– Small cleaning businesses

Small firms with a few employees or sole proprietors typically run small cleaning businesses (3-5 people).

They usually complete one-time orders. Most of their owners are seasoned cleaners who are well-known in the industry. Client recommendations assist business owners to avoid spending money on advertising because customers are aware of the high quality of the services offered. Because of the small number of employees, this company model focuses on working with small areas:

  • flats (between 50 and 120 m2), 
  • little offices or storage facilities (100-200 m2).

Small enterprises don’t need a lot of capital (to purchase expensive and specialized equipment). As a result, little capital is needed to enter the market, and consumer reputation and trust are frequently key factors in determining a company’s success. A cleaning company business plan helps you get an idea of what equipment is needed for a small cleaning firm.

– Large and medium-sized cleaning businesses

In the meantime, standing orders are the main priority for medium and large cleaning companies. Typically, these businesses don’t clean small spaces (apartments up to 50 m2). They seek to maintain order by:

  • supermarkets, 
  • office buildings,
  • huge spaces.

About a dozen workers are typically employed by such a business. When compared to smaller businesses in this market, the costs of such actions are disproportionately higher. This is due to the fact that this kind of business generates high costs related to the purchase or rental of professional equipment, the establishment of a personal office, and the employment of numerous staff members, including sales representatives who are in charge of concluding contracts and publicizing the business.

5- Some unique cleaning business ideas 

unique cleaning business ideas

The cleaning business idea of ​​creating a cleaning company that provides services in the field of cleaning industrial, office, or private houses and apartments (it all depends on which group of clients we will direct our services to) 

1- Cleaning of private houses and apartments

Cleaning private homes and apartments for a single client is a nice job for our company, whether we just have one employee (i.e., we work only for ourselves) or if we have up to three workers who can do different tasks simultaneously. It should be emphasized, though, that unlike offices, where cleaning is done every day, cleaning in houses is done every few days and doesn’t take a couple of people several hours to complete.

A wide range of services should be available from each cleaning firm. She should focus on the following categories of labor in addition to normal cleaning:

  • washing carpets and furniture.
  • window washing,
  • washing household appliances,

Such tasks require not only the proper equipment but also the proper cleaning supplies.

2- Office building cleaning

Professional cleaning services are required in both small offices and large companies and conference facilities that value their image and clean interiors.

The most cost-effective and long-term approach is to provide services to businesses in specialized industrial or office buildings. In this case, the task is completed on a daily basis. Unique cleaning business ideas really help businesses with long-term service provision.

3- Cleaning in medical centers

In medical facilities, cleaning services are also required. For the sake of patients and staff, hygiene in clinics and hospitals is given great attention. Another type of customer that will undoubtedly wish to hire a cleaning company’s services are establishments like private hospitals, dispensaries, and sanatoriums.

4- After renovations, cleaning

Cleaning up after renovations or other construction is an essential service that will draw in new clients. For the room or structure to be put into use as soon as possible, it is crucial to thoroughly clean up any paint or varnish traces as well as any dust. Any traces of renovation must be properly eliminated, whether it is a home, an apartment, or a business establishment.

5- Shopping center cleaning

Specialists are also needed at shopping malls, stores, supermarkets, restaurants, and cafes. public structures and locations, particularly those that come into contact with food. In such locations, public restrooms must be kept clean and maintain their visual appeal. Unique cleaning business ideas can target lots of different entities, which will help the business expand its scope of providing cleaning services.

6- Clean building facades

With the rise of numerous tall, glass structures, climbing work to wash the exterior is becoming increasingly popular. They need specific authorizations. Unique cleaning business ideas have considered the current infrastructure designs and the potential trends in building construction that we focus on providing in other articles to get full insights into this topic.

7- Pool cleaning

Both private and commercial pools need to have their water routinely skimmed and treated with chemicals to keep it safe. By providing such services, as we included this area in our unique cleaning business ideas because of its importance, you could refer to the cleaning company business plan to understand the type of equipment needed and the cost associated with buying such equipment for providing such services.

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6- Cleaning company business plan

cleaning business ideas
Person developing a business plan

From the above scenarios, it is clear that there are more possibilities available than are currently advertised for operating a cleaning business.

The target audience for our offer must be specified in your response, though. Instead of providing any services, you can find your niche.

It’s usually a good idea to clean everything properly.

For instance, you may start a business that specializes in apartment and home cleaning. You will learn more about a certain service area, get to know clients, and receive feedback as a result. Your business will be able to specialize in particular service kinds as a result, improving your offer to private clients. Consider competitive analysis before selecting a niche.

If you plan to provide a variety of cleaning services, keep in mind that the scope of the work is expanding. You must be aware of and comprehend the demands of numerous clients, as well as purchase specific tools and cleaning supplies. However, there are more opportunities to attract customers when offering a greater choice of services. On the other hand, you might engage in intense rivalry.

7- The purchase of equipment

 Although the majority of people believe that common detergents, rags, and garbage bags would be sufficient to clean the facilities, no matter the size of the business, there are still many items that should be acquired.

A floor mop cannot take proper care of the floor when cleaning huge industrial surfaces. Purchasing a professional instrument should be taken into consideration if the building lacks such a device.

It is possible to factor the cost of purchasing and maintaining equipment into the cost of services, but keep in mind that every industry faces intense market rivalry, making projections of the company’s profit potentially unsatisfactory.

Purchasing cleaning supplies and equipment should come after opting to specialize. Numerous professionals advise buying professional equipment from specialized suppliers (you should initially think about the maintenance and support of cleaning devices).

ViewDescriptionApproximate Price
Cleaning equipmentCleaning trolleyfrom 80 to 150 $
per hive
Professional vacuum cleanerfrom $200 (the price
is for 1 piece)
Cleaning equipmentSweepersfrom $600 (the price
is for 1 piece)
Cleaning equipmentDetergent1-2$ per piece
Cleaning equipmentWiperfrom 1000 $
Cleaning equipmentSteam cleanerfrom 500 $
Cleaning equipmentA uniformfrom 25 $
Cleaning equipmentAccessories for
cleaning equipment
from $40
(you can do it

A vehicle, such as a minibus, is also required. Transporting equipment in a regular passenger car is not recommended because any detergents can harm the interior.

8- Search for colleagues

cleaning company business plan

We have made investments in both staff and equipment. Depending on the nature of the profession, employees are required to complete health and safety training (window cleaning, use of specialized equipment, and detergents during cleaning).

Additionally, keep in mind that cleaning services are available both overnight and early in the morning for businesses and warehouses (for physical clients). It is good to take into account the openings for personnel who are prepared to work on a timetable that is convenient for the client.

For instance, in offices with a space of several hundred square meters, one or two workers can handle a  clean average of two orders per month. Finding a cleaner is a difficult task. The cleaner should be given a special set of requirements and potentially have their criminal history investigated. Since the cleaning company’s reputation depends solely on customer confidence, every item that is stolen must be replaced out of pocket by your business. Unique cleaning business ideas broadly elaborated the cleaning business from fulfilling the basic requirements to running the business under all legal matters and the way services are carried on.

9- Marketing Plan 

It’s time to complete all the paperwork required to create a business and come up with a catchy name for the company if we already have a business strategy, have the relevant contacts, and have the initial funding.

When it comes to marketing and advertising, small cleaning businesses may feel overpowered in the highly competitive big corporate sector. Since there is a lot of competition, marketing your services won’t be cheap. However, there is a chance to set your business apart from the competition.

By creating a marketing strategy, the business will be able to comprehend additional choices for attracting clients.

There are many ways to advertise business services, but if you’re trying to compete in a market for services that are already established, the majority of Internet marketing techniques are quite expensive.

10- Cleaning company financial plan

As many of the owners of these businesses suggest, you should begin with a strategy of taking tiny steps and concentrate first on growing the business in the local service market. You must set aside between $5,000 and $10,000 to launch a firm (the minimum price for starting a company).

In this sector, individual price negotiations take place.

The cost of cleaning is influenced by the location, degree of difficulty, timeliness, and, most significantly, cleaning quality.

It is crucial to make a pricing list for the job based on the typical cost for these kinds of services.

Room area m2From 10-50 m2From 50-70 m2From 100 and more m2
General cleaning of the apartment105$120$130$
General house cleaning120$135$150$
General office cleaning105$140$170$
Commercial premises100$negotiablenegotiable

With the description of market prices and a list of all the services included in this price list, you may create a business model. You can determine the price of your services accurately using the company’s business model.

The following items are included in the general cleaning:

  • washing mirrors;
  • washing floors, as well as baseboards;
  • washing toilets, showers, bathtubs, sinks, faucets, faucets
  • washing doors;
  • washing pipes and radiators;
  • washing furniture;
  • taking out the trash;
  • washing of window blocks from 2 sides;
  • cleaning ceilings – dust, cobwebs, etc.;
  • washing lamps and chandeliers;

additional services:

  • Washing blinds; (paid separately);
  • Washing plastic and glass surfaces on loggias; (paid separately);

Medium-sized offices can be cleaned for $0.8 to $1.5 per square meter. The cost of detergents (soap, toilet paper, and kitchen towels, if requested by the customer) is added to this expense. Typically, contracts are signed for a year or two.

About 20 clients can be served by a small business with up to 10 employees. The monthly revenue from this kind of work might range from $15,000 to $20,000 if these are medium-sized offices (about 1000 m2).

Employee salary700-1000 $ (price depends on the region)
Office rentfrom 1500 $ (the price depends on the area and region + payment for the last month)
Advertisingfrom 200-300 $ (depending on promotion work)

11- Is starting a cleaning company worthwhile?

You are now prepared to begin making plans for your own business after reading the article. We did our best to outline every step of the process, from selecting a niche and deciding on a course of action to the overall costs of launching and running the business.

Establish the direction of your company, review all of your aspects, and don’t forget to draw attention to your deficiencies. Maybe further specifics should be worked out.

The ideal time to launch cleaning businesses is at the start of spring. The majority of orders for cleaning offices and warehouses, washing windows, cleaning car upholstery, etc., are now being received. Plan your investments and encourage a thriving market for cleaning.

To summarize, we have discussed unique cleaning business ideas with a cleaning company business plan. 

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